Thursday, 18 October 2012

Facebook "Likes" - The New Gold Rush

Welcome to Social Syndicate .

If you're reading this, you probably already understand the importance and perceived value of Social Proof in today's Digital World - It comes in all forms. The ONLY one we are interested in, is Facebook "Likes." The Internet's New Currency.

Take a quick look at this -

Demand for "REAL" FB Likes is truly mind-blowing. The above image shows why. Typically, 1000 "Likes" are being sold, in bulk, for an average price of around $34. Certain suppliers go much lower but often provide fake Likes, however the demand for Real, genuine Likes, from active FB users is insatiable.

Surprisingly, there is only a very small number of suppliers of consistent, active "Likes" available online.
We are here to meet that seemingly never-ending need. I won't go on at length here. I trust you are already fully aware of the demand in today's marketplace.

We are currently looking for serious investors to build up our capital reserves for the following:

1.) The Purchase of  FB "Mega" Pages - Pages, with over 50k real members. Our aim is to covertly aquire around 200 of these pages over the next 5 months at "Below-Market-Value". On average, we aim to have a reach of over 10 Million Active Facebook users. This 1% of the total number of users on Facebook. To achieve this goal, we estimate that a capital investment approximately $400,000 will be required. However, we are extremely confident in the fact that an ROI of over 400% will be achieved within the first 3 weeks of this venture for those who get in at the "Ground Level." To begin with, therefore, an estimated initial investment of around $400 will be required for the first of you who wish investment.

2.) Revenue will be generated using the following methods: Temporary rental of FB Pages, Paid Cross-Page Shares, Promotion of CPA offers and Affiliate Products, Direct Marketing, Acting as the largest distributor of FB "Likes" to "Social Juice" subsidiaries, the creation of and marketing of our own branded products and services. The opportunities to achieve an unprecedented ROI are literally endless and constantly changing.

3.) We, as an investment vehicle, will also be complicit in the ongoing procurement of new, popular FB Pages whilst offloading older, dormant pages at a significant profit. This opportunity will be the primary focus of the business for the time being.

The aim of this venture , is to turn the act of trading FB pages + Likes , into a genuine, sustainable form of ongoing investment and create the opportunity for thousands of investors and individuals to benefit financially through the distribution and trade of the what is, arguably, Internet's, if not the world's, first "tangible" unit of Social Proof . From the Local Restaurant owner who wishes to build his business through Facebook to the latest Multi-Million Dollar funded Technology Start-Up wishing to spread their message, we are the people who can help them do this. We want you to become part of something special.

If you wish to get involved at the ground level, please leave your details by clicking HERE we will be in touch as soon as possible. I look forward to discussing with you the benefits that this opportunity will bring.

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